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Wine Clubs


  • 25% off all wine, which is $75 off an average case. AND, you get the discount today.
  • No tasting fees (up to 4). If you have friends in town, bring them by for complimentary tasting.
  • Ultimate flexibility - Choose red only, white only, or mixed shipments. You can trade out a bottle or add one for a friend. It's easy with our shipment notification.
  • It's fun! Get VIP treatment, access to pre-sale hard to get tickets like Passport to Dry Creek, and invites to our Club Members Only parties.


Choose to receive wine either 2 or 4 times a year. Also choose how many bottles you wish to receive in each shipment. Finally choose red wine only, white wine only or a mixture of red and white.

Prior to shipping, we will email a shipment notification, which will tell you what wine will be included in the next shipment and approximately when it will ship. Also included in that notification will be instructions as to how you may make changes in your shipment, if you wish to do so. Wine, applicable tax, and shipping charges will be billed to the credit card on file.

The 25% discount applies to all non-sale Mill Creek wines. Once a member joins the Mill Creek Wine Club, his 25% discount is honored for Reserve and Library Wines as well as Signature Wines. The discount applies to the Wine Club shipment, follow-up orders, wine purchased during the year, or wine purchased as gifts.

Members who elect to pick up their wine at the tasting room must do so within 60 days.  Wines not picked up may be subject to a change of vintage.

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Mill Creek
Wine Club

"... the most member friendly club around."

- Sonoma Uncorked


Two / year shipment

Two shipments per year of six or twelve bottles / shipment.
Selection of Mixed Wines, Whites Only or Reds only for your shipment.

Four / year shipment

Four shipments per year of three, six, nine or twelve bottles per shipment.
Selection of Mixed Wines, Whites Only or Reds only for your shipment.