Our Vineyards

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The Kreck family entered the wine business almost six decades ago as grape growers and planted their first vineyard in Dry Creek Valley in 1965. This vineyard was the first Cabernet Sauvignon planted in the appellation. Shortly after, they purchased the current estate property on Westside Road, and the prune orchards on the property were converted to vineyards, starting with Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes. Primarily Bordeaux-focused varietals followed over the years, in addition to planting a small vineyard at the family home ranch in Alexander Valley. Today, the winery takes pride in its many farming milestones in Dry Creek Valley, contributing to the region's viticultural legacy.

Bill on a tractor in Farmer's First circa August 1964

Farmers First

Over the last six decades, the Krecks have always been farmers first. In the 1960’s, Charles Kreck and his sons, Bill and Bob started planting vineyards and farming them in Dry Creek Valley. Though farming eventually led to winemaking in the 1970s, grape growing was always at the heart of their pursuits. Bill’s son Jeremy continued this tradition, and for three generations the Krecks have thoughtfully grown grapes that go on to produce award-winning wines.

Moxie playing next to the Dry Creek Valley Vineyard

Dry Creek Valley

The estate ranch, acquired by Bill Kreck’s family in 1969, is a gem nestled in the southern end of Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma County. Spanning approximately 65 acres, it is cultivated with eight different varietals. Just a few miles from the Russian River AVA border, the location benefits from the perfect combination of cool ocean fog in the mornings and warm sunny afternoons, creating an ideal environment for exceptional grape growing.

The Mill Creek pond next to our Alexander Valley Vineyard

Alexander Valley

In the early 1990’s, approximately seven acres of vineyards were planted on Bill and Yvonne Kreck’s ranch in Alexander Valley. This property is Yvonne’s childhood home and where Bill and Yvonne raised their family. This region, ideal for growing Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlots, produces extraordinary fruit, and home to the grapes in our coveted Reflections meritage.

From Vines to Wines

At Mill Creek Vineyards, we pride ourselves on having complete control over every step of the winemaking process, from vineyard to bottle. This meticulous approach begins with our hands-on management of the vineyards, ensuring that each grape is cultivated with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our commitment continues in the winery, where traditional techniques are blended with innovative practices to craft wines of exceptional quality. By overseeing each stage, from vineyard to the final bottling, we ensure that every bottle of wine embodies our dedication to excellence and reflects the unique character of our vineyards.

A bin of grapes from an autumn harvest.
Jeremy overseeing a grape harvest.
Bin of freshly harvest Mill Creek Vineyard grapes.