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Like most of you out in non-wine country, the Kreck family lives a very busy life. Also, just like most of you, we love to get together with friends and family when we can find a few spare hours. Everyone in the family loves simple recipes that capitalize on the abundance of wonderful fresh meat, fish, dairy and produce for which Sonoma County is recognized.

In addition to personal entertaining, we also do 8 to 10 events every year, where wine and food are paired in a thoughtful procedure to accentuate the best of both. These events are usually catered, but members of the family work closely with the caterer to come up with just the right match.

We also have several events each year for people who sell our wines in various parts of the United States. Depending upon the degree of formality we are seeking, these may or may not be catered. We find that distributor sales groups often prefer the more relaxed home cooked casual fare, served around the pool, and consistent with Sonoma County's more relaxed, laid-back approach to life.

The following few recipes are both dishes served at winery events and those used for personal entertaining. We plan to add many more in the future so check back often.

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